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The ICAMus Web site provides specialist advisory service on American music to scholars and performers, as well as orientation for students of all levels. The site draws on the Center’s 13-year experience; it is a constantly expanded, updated and revised collection of source materials and scholarly output on American music, and is built as continuing project for an on-line documentation center. Subscription to ICAMus allows contact with the American music specialists team for submission of projects and drafts, and for access to our archives, as well as complete admission to its Web site In-Depth Area.

In-Depth features a large selection of original resources, produced within the Organization and made accessible nowhere else, as well as retrieved from external repositories (please see the In-Depth Indices listing a preview for each item). Among the contents: the live-recording archive of our lectures, conferences and educational presentations; program notes of our concerts; academic coursepacks and handouts; finding aids to archival collections of manuscripts and documents; articles, discographies, bibliographies, reviews; translations of texts into and from different languages; theses and dissertations produced in various countries; hard-to-locate scores of Early American music in the public domain; authorized publications of previously unpublished musical manuscripts; images; and much more.



The Subscription (€ 40,00 - US$ 50.00) has 1 year validity, through which ICAMus welcomes its Patrons to send inquiries and submissions on American musical life, and to make unlimited explorations inside its multimedia repository of American music and music studies. The proceeds sustain this Web site, contribute to the making of the ICAMus on-line project, and support the Non-Profit ICAMus Organization and its events.

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