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The International Center for American Music promotes knowledge and appreciation of American music and music making in the US. The Center maintains an inclusive orientation towards musical life in the United States, from its beginning to contemporary time. Significant attention is devoted to the discovery of Early American Music. The Organization focuses on the study of musical sources, and on the often neglected unity and integration of research, teaching, performance and experimentation.

Internationally (and in the United States as well) the understanding of American music—in particular the production prior to the 20th century—is still inadequate, and a minor fraction of concert programming. In addition, the scholarly narratives of American music in its complex variety have only recently begun. The purpose of ICAMus is to balance the knowledge of all aspects, genres and diverse traditions of American music, and contribute to encourage its inclusion as a whole in music education.

ICAMus has been active since 2002. The Center is led by a team of scholars. Its mission is to work on an international level, in collaboration with schools, universities and cultural institutions, both in the US and in Europe. In this perspective, its many activities include performance, conferences, lectures, radio programs, podcasts, and publications. Each planned event is meant as the result of an original research project, and an educational, innovative occasion in the field of American music.

The Organization operates an on-line office and studio. The Center’s specialists are committed to providing advice to scholars, performers, students, and all interested in learning about American music. Through our primary services of research, teaching and scholarly advice, the first and foremost mission of ICAMus remains to explore the place of American musics in the historical narrative of Western music, and to increase their impact on music education throughout the Western world.


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