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Solitudini Creative - 3: La poesia di Emily Dickinson e la musica americana del Novecento

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Accademia Bartolomeo Cristofori – Amici del Fortepiano, Via di Camaldoli 7r, Firenze
Martedì 15 giugno 2004, ore 21

ARTHUR FARWELL (1872-1952) Thirty-four Songs on Poems of Emily Dickinson (1926-1949; pubbl. 1983): I’ll Tell You How the Sun Rose op. 105 n. 1; I’m Nobody! Who Are You? op. 108 n. 8; Aristocracy op. 158 n. 7; The Sabbath op. 105 n. 3.
ERNST BACON (1898-1990) Fifty Songs (1926-1928; pubbl. 1974): From Blank to Blank; Yellow (1959) • Songs from Emily Dickinson (1926-1931-1931; pubbl. 1932): In the Silent West.
LEE HOIBY (1926-) Four Dickinson Songs (1988): How the Waters Closed.
LEO SMIT (1921-1999) Ecstatic Pilgrimage: Cycle VI, White Diadem (2000): I Dwell in Possibility; The Martyr Poets – Did not Tell.
LORI LAITMAN (1955-) Four Dickinson Songs (2000): Will There Really be a Morning?; She Died.

AARON COPLAND (1900-1990) Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson (1949-1950), ciclo completo: I. Nature, the Gentlest Mother; II. There came a Wind like a Bugle; III. Why do they shut Me out of Heaven?; IV. The World feels Dusty; V. Heart! We will forget him; VI. Dear March, Come in!; VII. Sleep is supposed to be; VIII. When they come back; IX. I Felt a Funeral in my Brain; X. I’ve heard an Organ talk sometimes; XI. Going to Heaven!; XII. The Chariot (Because I could not stop for Death).


Programma di sala a cura di ICAMus-Aloma Bardi; versi di Emily Dickinson; versione Italiana Silvio Raffo, Margherita Guidacci, Giovanni Giudici, Eugenio Montale, Massimo Bacigalupo.

Original ArtWork Program Illustrations by ANTONELLA BARDI.

Nell’ambito di Solitudini Creative. Charles Ives, Emily Dickinson. Musica americana, Trascendentalismo, Poesia. A cura di ALOMA BARDI.

Con la collaborazione di Accademia Bartolomeo Cristofori - Accademia del Fortepiano.
Con il patrocinio e la collaborazione del Dipartimento di Storia delle Arti e dello Spettacolo dell’Università degli Studi di Firenze.

Farwell, Bacon, Hoiby, Smit, Laitman: prima esecuzione in Europa.

Solitudini Creative: «Per la frequenza sono accordati 3 crediti (CFU) agli studenti dell’Università di Firenze».

Manifestazione aperta al pubblico, con ingresso gratuito.

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The Poetry of Emily Dickinson and American Art Songs: An Ongoing ICAMus Project.

Since 2002, the ongoing work of ICAMus on American Art Songs has produced concerts, conferences, seminars, lectures, recordings, radio programs and special projects with the participation of visual artists. The poetry of Emily Dickinson set to music by American composers has been a constant center of interest and research, in collaboration with visual artist and choreographer ANTONELLA BARDI, director of SguardiDanza - Center for the Arts. Two of her Dickinson-inspired collages, entitled Parthenogenesis and Kaleidoscope No. 3,  are displayed on this page; they were created respectively in 2003 and in 2000, and belong to the artist’s collection, Montespertoli (Florence, Italy).



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