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10/01/2011: S.C. Foster Seminar held in Prato, Italy.

This educational event, in preparation for the October 22nd upcoming Foster concert, was addressed to the School teachers and students involved in the collaborative project on pre-Civil War American music coordinated by Aloma Bardi, and was not open to the general public. ICAMus has carried out this project in collaboration with  Associazione Culturale “I Fiori Musicali” in Bologna, Italy  a Non-Profit Organization promoting excellence in music education. Marco Facchini, violinist and String Ensemble teacher at the School, participated in the Seminar.
The singers were instructed by soprano and vocal repertoire teacher Monica Benvenuti, a specialist in unusual, experimental music programs. Paolo Somigli focused on 4 Foster Songs, with particular attention to *Old Folks at Home*.
The scholar provided informations and indications regarding issues of instrumentation, voicing, and improvisation. In addition, examples of celebrated performances of the past were considered, in their diversity, towards a comprehensive study of a challenging musical and cultural subject.


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