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“Emergence” CD Celebration at Dischi Fenice, Florence, May 17, 2022: American music, poetry, visual art, images, and memories. A volume edited by Aloma Bardi. Published in the In-Depth Section.

A new ICAMus publication is accessible on the ICAMus Website, In-Depth Section. A volume (PDF) including all materials from the Celebration of the CD Emergence (Settings of Emily Dickinson’s texts, performed by Emergence Music - Nadine Benjamin, soprano; Nicole Panizza, piano - Stone Records, 2019). A collaboration of ICAMus with Dischi Fenice Florence and SguardiDanza-Center for Dance, Choreography and Visual Arts. The event was designed and coordinated by Aloma Bardi, who has edited the 63-page volume. Original poetry by Sara Bini, Roberta De Piccoli, Rosaria Lo Russo, Carla Lomi, and Lily Prigioniero; artwork by Antonella Bardi. Texts in English and Italian; narrated in Italian. The CD includes art songs by Aaron Copland, Luigi Zaninelli, Juliana Hall, Sylvia Glickman, and Ella Jarman-Pinto, based on poetry and prose texts by Emily Dickinson. The live event took place at Dischi Fenice, Florence, on May 17, 2022.

Please read, view and download the volume (PDF) HERE.


ICAMus Dischi Fenice - Presentazione 05-17-2022-page-0 (1167x1650).jpg

Image above: Cover Page of the volume (PDF) Presentazione del CD "Emergence”. Liriche su testi di Emily Dickinson, con musica e poesia, a cura di Aloma Bardi; © ICAMus, Aloma Bardi, Dischi Fenice, & SguardiDanza 2022-2023.


ICAMus Fenice Publication 05-17-2022 - Indice volume-page-0.jpg

In the image above: Table of Contents of the volume (PDF) Presentazione del CD “Emergence”. Liriche su testi di Emily Dickinson, con musica e poesia, a cura di Aloma Bardi; © ICAMus, Aloma Bardi, Dischi Fenice, & SguardiDanza 2022-2023. 


Discover the program of the ICAMus Events in Florence, May 16-18, 2022. The American Art Song: Poets and Composers from the United States; Aloma Bardi and Nicole Panizza, Directors HERE.

We were grateful to our hosts, our friends of Dischi Fenice in Florence, for this opportunity to visit again their historic store devoted to recorded music, and celebrate American music and literature.

Visit Dischi Fenice Website HERE.


Vetrina Fenice3.jpeg

In the image above: Emergence CD, Antonella Bardi’s Emily-Dickinson-inspired collages and mixed-media artwork, and ICAMus May 2022 events poster and postcard on display at Dischi Fenice, Florence, May 2022, along with books and other Dickinson-related materials from the ICAMus Archive and Special Collections; poster and postcard design by Daniela Baggiani-ZuMedia. Emily Dickinson’s portrait in the ICAMus 2022 poster and postcard: Emily Dickinson daguerreotype, ca. 1847. Amherst College, gift of Millicent Todd Bingham, 1956.


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