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ICAMus has established a new Affiliation with American Music Preservation, Roger L. Hall, Director.

A newly-established affiliation, a common mission.

ICAMus has established a new Affiliation with American Music Preservation, a very large informational website devoted to the preservation of American music through resources, publications, collections of archival  materials, audio and video recordings. American Music Preservation is directed by Roger Lee Hall, a composer, scholar, and producer specializing in the music history and musical life of the US. Roger L. Hall is responsible for the research, and is the author of most on the information on the AMP Website.


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ICAMus is committed to long-term collaborations.

Please visit our updated Affiliations Page. Find out how ICAMus carries out common projects, and how the Center expands and deepens its scope, in a continuing dialogue with its partners.

The Center's has a significant interest in Earlier American Music, and an inclusive orientation towards musical life in the United States, from its beginning to contemporary time. This oulook inspires long-term collaborative enterprises. In such perspective, affiliations have been established over the years with other institutions, organizations, and companies.


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More images from the affiliated AMP Website.

Please hover the cursor or mouse pointer over the pictures to read their captions & more detailed information. By clicking on each image you can open the corresponding American Music Preservation section or page.


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