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Highlights from recent gifts & donations to the ICAMus Collections: George Gershwin: The Complete Piano Works; Andrea Trovato, piano.

Showcasing a most welcome gift to the Center's Collections: George Gershwin: The Complete Piano Works (1917-1937). Andrea Trovato, piano. Discover the passionate American exploration of an Italian pianist, and the internationally enduring charm of an American composer. Thankfully received from the performer.

George Gershwin: The Complete Piano Works (1917-1937). Andrea Trovato, piano. KNS Classical A/031, 2013. CD Booklet.

Andrea Trovato - Gershwin CD - 2 (1600x814).jpg Andrea Trovato - Gershwin CD - 3 (1600x735).jpg Screenshot 2017-12-13 18.01.36.jpg

ICAMus and the Music of George Gershwin.

ICAMus has been committed to the study and performance of George Gershwin's music since the Organization was established in 2002. Learn about our most memorable Gershwin initiatives over the years:

PORGY AND BESS: AN ANNOTATED DISCOGRAPHY BY AMERICAN-MUSIC SCHOLAR ALOMA BARDI, 2015. American-music scholar Aloma Bardi explores 80 years of recordings of George and Ira Gershwin's "folk-opera" Porgy and Bess. This extensive Discography includes historical notes and comments. ICAMus published it to celebrate the Gershwins' opera on the 80th anniversary of its October 10, 1935 Broadway première performance.

THE SONG-BOOK OF 1932 IN CONCERT, INCLUSIVE OF ALL VOCAL PARTS, Teatro della Pergola, Florence, 2005.

CONFERENCE ON THE GERSHWINS' PORGY AND BESS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORENCE, 2005. With live performance of George Gershwin's works.

SERIES OF RADIO PROGRAMS AND PODCASTS, 2005. On Porgy and Bess, on The Song-Book of 1932, on Gershwin and jazz.



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