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Welcoming a new collaborator: Mezzo-soprano Claudia Marie-Thérèse Hasslinger, in a project on Italian-Brazilian Jewish composer Renzo Massarani (1898-1975).

Claudia Marie-Thérèse Hasslinger is an Austrian-born international performer and multilingual singer and actress, whose career has spanned through different musical genres and styles. Our collaboration concentrates on how twentieth century prominent European composers became central figures of the musical life in the Americas, including Kurt Weill and particularly focusing on Italian-Brazilian Jewish composer Renzo Massarani (1898-1975).

Photos of Claudia Marie-Thérèse Hasslinger reproduced on this page: © Arturo Marescalchi Firenze.

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Find out more about mezzo-soprano Claudia Marie-Thérèse Hasslinger HERE.

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Discovering a composer with a unique style.

We are currently working with Claudia Marie-Thérèse Hasslinger on rare scores by Italian-Brazilian Jewish composer Renzo Massarani (Mantova 1898 - Rio de Janeiro 1975). In Brazil from 1939 as a consequence of the Racial Laws, Massarani became a Brazilian citizen in 1945.

Photos of Renzo Massarani: Courtesy Daniela Massarani; used by permission.

In the images below: the composer in a photographic studio portrait from the 1930s and in a visit to Venice during his later years.

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The newest recording of Claudia Marie Thérèse Hasslinger.

Mezzo-soprano Claudia Marie Thérèse Hasslinger recently recorded with pianist Anita Azzi a program of songs by Kurt Weill in English, German and French, mainly from the composer’s US years: "I’m a Stranger Here." Homage to Kurt Weill. This selection follows Weill’s international journey as an exile from Germany who became an American composer. Claudia Marie Thérèse Hasslinger, voice - Anita Azzi, piano. In collaboration with ICAMus. EMA Vinci 70136, December 2018.

Photo of Claudia Marie-Thérèse Hasslinger and Anita Azzi: © Arturo Marescalchi Firenze.

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